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BRAMLEY HAVEN - Terms and Conditions


Booking Confirmation 

Following your booking and confirmed deposit/balance payment you will receive a receipt confirming your payment. Deposits are non-refundable and may only be transferred at the manager’s discretion. Deposits will not be transferred for Bank Holiday weekends unless cancelled at least 7 days before the date of arrival. Please bring your booking receipt when checking in at reception. Any deposit/balance, for a booking, not paid by the due date will be cancelled with all monies already paid being forfeited. 


Conditions of Booking 

We reserve the right to decline or terminate the booking of any guest(s) whose party make-up or behaviour interferes or may interfere with the general comfort of other guests. In this event no refunds will be made.



Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit / debit card, or online at the time of booking. . Cheques will only be accepted when paid ten days in advance of arrival. 



The fire assembly point for the park is in front of the reception. In the event of an emergency dial 999 for the emergency services and notify the park manager immediately. 



As Bramley Haven is situated on a working farm, we cannot accommodate pets at this time. 



On arrival, all customers and visitors (including day visitors) are to report to reception. Your arrival is welcome from 3pm. The latest arrival time is 9pm, if by 9pm on your date of your arrival we have not heard from you we reserve to reallocate your booking. 


All units must be vacated by 12 noon, otherwise and additional nights pitch fee may be charged. No refunds are given for early departures. 


Children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times. It is particularly important that you always know where your children are, and that you provide adequate supervision for them at all times. 


Use of your holiday accommodation 

Only those people listed on the booking can occupy your accommodation. Guests are permitted, but all vehicles must use the car park. If this legal requirement is not met, your booking will be terminated and you will be asked to leave, with no refund made. 


Website accuracy 

We take every care to ensure that the details in this website are accurate at time of going live. Photographs are taken at our site and are intended for guidance only. Layout plans are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that not all items will be identical in all accommodations. 


If you wish to make a complaint  

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your holiday, please speak to the onsite staff (Reception). In most cases they will be able to help you immediately so that you can enjoy the rest of your stay. However, if you are still dissatisfied, you must speak to the Site Management and record your complaint with them. If, at the end of your holiday, you feel that we have not dealt with your complaint satisfactorily, please write to the park owner at the site no later than 28 days after the end of your holiday. We are only able to take action on any complaints that are first brought to the attention of the Reception team whilst you are on your holiday and secondly received in writing within 28 days, unless there are exceptional circumstances. It is necessary for Bramley Haven to impose these limitations so that we have the opportunity to correct any issues. 


Can I alter my booking before arrival? 

After you have paid your booking you may wish to change some elements of the Holiday, e.g. type of accommodation or lead name. We will try to meet your request. Any changes must be made at least 3 Days before the Holiday date, and be confirmed to us in writing / email. It may be necessary to cancel your break due to illness, accident or change of circumstances. If you have taken out holiday insurance payments arising from the cancellation will be covered in most cases. There will be no cash refunds. Failure to arrive without satisfactory explanation or written cancellation will not be entitled to a transfer of stay. 


Can I alter my booking after my arrival?

We limit changes to your holiday during your stay, however we cannot accept responsibility or compensation for circumstances such as *force majeure. *Force Majeure means circumstances beyond our control including (but not limited to) industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, technical problems, bad weather and acts of government. 


If we make any major alterations to your booking 

We try very hard to provide all facilities and entertainment as advertised on our website. It may however be necessary to make some alterations in advance of your holiday. If such a change is necessary, we will endeavour to advise you in writing as soon as possible. 

If we cancel you’re booking 

We always endeavour not to change the date or cancel your booking, but in exceptional circumstances this may be necessary. We will inform you of the change of date or cancellation as soon as possible and give you the following options. 


   A. accept the alternative arrangements as notified to you 

   B. choose another available break from us at the advertised price 

   C. cancel your holiday with a full refund of any money you have paid 


Data Protection 

The information supplied on the booking form will be stored for administrative purposes. We may from time to time wish to send you news of special offers on our site. For more information please visit


Rules & Regulations 

The person completing the booking is responsible for the conduct of their party, It is your responsibility to read the rules & regulations and abide by the rules therein. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for infringement. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party accept the terms of the contract set out in these terms and conditions of booking. Failure to disclose all relevant information or comply with these terms may lead to termination of the contract and loss of the booking without refund. Bramley Haven reserves the right to ban individuals from future use of the park. 


Site Rules 

• Alcohol may only be consumed in the vicinity of the Shepherds hunt, Pod or tent. Drinking outside of these is strictly forbidden and offence may result in your booking being terminated. 

• Open fires/Camp Fires are permitted, but only with the use of fire pits provided. For safety reasons, fire pits must not be moved from their locations. 

• The use of generators is not permitted. 

• Please note that should you wish to extend your stay there is no guarantee that the same Shepherds hunt, Pod or tent will be available. 

• Ensure that your unit is kept tidy and free of rubbish. All litter/rubbish must be placed in the bin area. 

• Flags, ensigns and pennants are not to be flown. 

• No loud music etc that interferes with others enjoyment of the site. 

• No construction of any sort is to be undertaken. 

• Bramley Haven is under 24Hr CCTV surveillance. 

• Noise must be minimised by 10:30pm 

• Quiet time on the site is from 11pm. All children must be in by 10.30pm. 

• Any behaviour deemed to be a nuisance or anti-social by the management will not be tolerated and Management reserves the right to admission and eviction. 


Car Rules

• The speed limit on site is 10 mph. 

• No mechanical or repair work is to be undertaken on the park. 

• All other vehicles including trailers and boats, unless agreed with the management, must be parked in the main parking area. 



Anyone defacing or causing damage to any buildings, equipment or property of the site faces immediate eviction and prosecution. The hirer will be responsible for and charged for any damage/loss caused by themselves or their visitors to the site or to any site facility or other resident’s property. Your personal belongings, vehicles, and their accessories and contents are left at your own risk. Bramley Haven or its staff will not be liable for the loss, theft or damage of any property nor for any injury, accident or mishap to any person on site. Customers must ensure that their property is secured and fully insured for any unforeseen eventuality. 

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